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If you missed Menswear Dog earlier, here it is. The video above is the story of how this simple idea took off into a full-time gig for two designers.


Uhh, folks, this is the ONLY menswear blog you should be following. It’s a Menswear Dog!


The Hundreds gives a good tour of the lovely looking Denver shop known as Berkeley Supply.


Photo from Racked Today at 3PM, the Pop Up Flea begins with an amazing selection of menswear chosen by A Continuous Lean and UrbanDaddy. The event runs today (at 3PM) into Saturday and Sunday only at Drive-In Studios at 443 W. 18th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues). The Pop Up Flea V | 2012 […]


I haven’t been in a Gap in quite a while, but the next time I see one I will venture in if only to see this incredible collection of menswear all under one roof, curated in part by GQ. It’s available now!


Vince at On & Beyond has started a photo series called I Wish They Made This For Girls in which he features his female friends dressed in his finer mens clothes all because he’s heard them (or at least another girl) say that they wish menswear pieces were sometimes made for women. It’s certainly a […]