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I love this animation from Google that not only shows how a message is sent but also how Google is working to make their facility and network more environmentally friendly.

I am now a subscriber to The Listserve and a possible future contributor to their database of 1 million (are these #’s accurate?) subscribers. What in the world do I mean? The Listserve is described as an email lottery where every day a single person is chosen to write to a growing list of people. […]

Nothing like a hilarious drunk message to start your weekend off right! Enjoy this one and all the fancy text formatting that goes along with it! By the way, I had no idea Jamba Juice was the same as eBay.


FPO has a delightful write-up about a letterpress poster from Paragon that dissects the hidden meaning in the 2nd (and lesser-known) verse of the popular holiday tune “Jingle Bells”. The beautiful poster (above) was made for fun and self-promotion at the end of last year and can be hung in your house for just $55.