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I actually don’t know if this is still here but if you were lucky enough to be on the corner of Broadway and Waverly Place lately, you may have seen Pop Pop, an interactive crosswalk signal that displays messages to the public based on a combined algorithm that takes in the sentiments of people online […]

Rocketboom takes a look at the storied history of backwards recordings and secret messages!

Ugh man. The more I see about the new iOS 7, the more I really hate it. This weight-based Messages is disorienting and ugly.


If you’re like me and your iPhone is jailbroken, you might have gone crazy realizing that iMessage and Messages on the Mac no longer work together. But this is not true as I just found out. It turns out that after completing a jailbreak, the iPhone just needs to completely re-register with Apple again for […]


Read this damning post written over at fileperms about the big risk in security when using WhatsApp, a popular messaging app for iOS and Android mobile phones. Essentially, the post reports that WhatsApp is very lax in fixing these known security issues and if you are in an open network your entire conversation (photos and […]

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MacRumors has a quick write-up about upcoming Mac mail client Unibox which takes its cues from chat programs like OS X Messages. It’s hard to say how useful this will be until I actually start using it, but a Mail program that resembles Chat-like features sounds like it could be a good thing. Or…it could […]