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Now this sounds like a great exhibit! Starting January 24th and running until just after the SuperBowl (February 10th). Located inside the Met at Gallery 690.


Some good and bad news. But first the bad news: Beginning Monday, the MET will stop handing out those colorful metal buttons as admission tickets. Instead they will go with printed paper tickets with removable stickers. The good news? Well, the MET will be open 7 days a week now instead of being closed on […]


Running now until September 2, 2013, the MET in NYC is hosting an exhibition called Photography and the American Civil War that is an absolute must-see for anybody who is really into early photographic technology and American history. For those who cannot make it to the MET, the museum has published an amazing 288-page volume of the […]

This amazing contraption is on view at the MET in their Extravagant Inventions exhibition. It’s a cabinet filled with secret drawers that works on a series of mechanical switches. No electronics here, this cabinet was owned by King Frederick William II himself!


I met the graffiti legend himself today, COPE2, on 13th Street near Union Square. So glad I hopped off my bike to say hi. Real friendly guy! He gave me one of his stickers!


The latest Improv Everywhere stunt took place inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a look-alike stand-in of King Philip IV of Spain. The event was planned around the unveiling of the restored painting by Diego Velázquez at the MET and ended up causing such a ruckus that Improv Everywhere was kicked out. Oh well!