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Like the Tally-Ho versions and the Bicycle versions I posted about earlier, these are just beautiful. Metallic inks in red and blue make these stand out in the most subtle way. Only $4.95 per deck.


Got two decks of these Titanium Tally-Ho playing cards in the other day. They are fantastic and just like the Bicycle versions printed with metallic red and blue inks. Get a deck before they’re all gone!


I tried very hard to photograph the shiny parts of these Theory 11 Titanium playing cards, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t do it properly. So just take my word for it, these babies are pretty. They’re not incredibly different than regular red and blue Rider Back playing cards, but the┬ásubtleties┬áthat the metallic inks […]


Theory11 has taken the classic Bicycle playing card deck and turned it into a beautiful piece of metallic art! The new playing card decks are the first ever Bicycle decks to be printed with metallic inks! Check out the video below to see how they shimmer! The Titanium Edition decks come in Crimson Red and […]


Look at the wonderful metallic red color on this limited-run Gipsy frame from Leaf Cycles. I want my bike to be metallic red. Thanks Flwrider!

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So many fancy shmancy backpacks debuting for the Spring/Summer that I cannot even keep track! Here’s NSW’s Cheyenne 2000 Backpack in a special metallic silver colorway. Apparently, it’s supposed to be available online at the Nike Store but I couldn’t find it in this exact color (I only saw it in black). But if you […]