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In February of last year, I posted a video of a meteor falling to earth that was caught on a Russian dashcam camera. The video was remarkable and I remember it bringing to light how many vehicles in Russia are equipped with dashcam cameras (Wirecutter has a review of the best ones by the way). […]

How? By making the TV show a meteor crash. But how in the world could this ever be convincing when the image on the TV screen does not move in relation to the person’s field of view? I mean, seriously, LG thinks we’re all dumb.

Video of the recent Russian meteor causing havoc on street level

Watch this video and see just how much damage the shock wave caused by the recent meteor falling over Russia caused.


I’m mad this calendar is sold out on Etsy. I mean, just look at the illustrations here. Fabulous!

Fallen from Sascha Geddert on Vimeo. This video by Sascha Geddert shows the emotional ups and downs a meteor might go through as it descends onto earth. The animation here is superb! Thanks Corey!