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I need this badly. I always guess the amount of spaghetti I’m cooking and it never seems to be right. I either end up eating way too much or I end up hungry again later on. Type is a clever tool made of Carrara marble by Italian design firm Studio Lievito. Each side of this […]

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MeterPlug is an Indiegogo project that aims to send relevant data to your smartphone about how you are consuming energy in your home. The small Bluetooth device plugs directly into any standard US outlet and sends information via Bluetooth to your iPhone so you can know how much a specific appliance is costing you to […]

Somehow, VICE got their hands on a very rare Hubbard E-Meter, a “religious relic” that is supposed to tell people something about themselves. Wait, no, it’s just BS.


So that ultra-comfy Marmot 8000M Parka? Yeah, they sell that as a body suit for $800. I still don’t agree with the color scheme, but man, if I climbed mountains I would buy this.

Several reasons why this is a fake: The people narrating the video know too much about about the scene already as they drive by. “They didn’t come back in time, those guys.” It’s not what they said, but rather how they said it that gives it away. No NYPD meter maid vehicle comes in that […]