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This, of course, done with permission from the airport and with all pilots being notified of the drone’s presence in the airspace. Great shots.

OMG, this is truly one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen. I’m hopeful that the school built nearby is bringing these kids out of this area, but man, those flies…I feel for these kids.


Photo by Fran Parente This is a church in Mexico City dedicated to the late Josémaria Escrivá Balaguer, a Roman-Catholic priest who founded Opus Dei. The structure is breathtaking from the inside and out and from the photos it looks like it makes good use of natural lighting to illuminate the grand room. It was […]


Photo: Jennifer Szymaszek for The New York Times To combat rising tides of sexual harassment incidents in Mexico City’s public transportation system, the city has implemented a new program that will weed out passengers based on their sex. On some bus routes, only women are allowed to board the bus, leaving men — good and […]