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I just learned what a Muxe is from this VICE video about Mexico’s “third gender”. The reason why it’s known as the third gender is because Muxes are physically male but prone to act as females. VICE enlightens…

Made-In-America is a hot commodity in Mexico apparently. Good news for us living in America as this means more of us keeping our jobs on our own soil.

A pancake artist in Mexico

I can’t think of a worse medium to draw with than pancake batter. And yet, this man from Mexico does it so well!

Exploring Mexican Narco Cinema

This video was originally released in 2011, but I’ve never seen it until now. Here, VICE takes a trip to Mexico to the real-life set of a Chrysler 300 film sequel. On their way there, they explore what makes Mexican drug cartel cinema so enjoyable. It’s cheap, quick, and a bit mysterious to me, but […]