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Whoa! Is this that close to opening that former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg was able to take a ceremonious ride to 34th Street and 11th Avenue? Check it out! More photos here.


This portrait of Mayor Bloomberg was hung at City Hall recently to remember Bloomberg’s 12-year rule over NYC. Also, people are making this list out to be a bad thing, but I actually like most of this list of things Bloomberg banned in NYC during his tenure.


Hahaha, at least one good thing came out of Bloomberg trying his tongue at Spanish: Now there’s a Twitter account just dedicated to his unique way with the Spanish language. Follow it over at @ElBloombito

In this diverse city, why is it that Bloomberg had to deliver the Spanish evacuation notice to television viewers? Could they not find a Spanish-speaking person anywhere in City Hall?

At Etsy’s Brooklyn headquarters, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke briefly about the right for same-sex couples to marry. He also mentioned that although there are groups of people willing to fight this decision in courts, he believes that in 30 days (when the law goes into effect) that couples of the same sex […]


New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has such a peculiar official administrative portrait. None of the other city officials have a portrait like his and I find it very interesting that he’s not standing in front of a big American flag like the rest of them. By the way, I called 311 for fun about […]