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detroit graffiti

A Photographic Look At How Graffiti Is Healing Detroit. Reading this article makes me want to visit Detroit again. I’ve got a car. I’ve got a sleeping bag. I’ve got a camera. What’s stopping me? NOTE TO SELF: I Love Detroit Michigan is a helpful resource.

Damn, this is a big one too. According to Wikipedia, Highland Park, Michigan is considered one of the most dangerous crime-ridden areas in Detroit.

Detroit always makes a good backdrop for skate videos. I can’t wait to go back here again.

Charlie LeDuff investigates the dire situation in Detroit with constant closings of fire houses and downsizing of the fire department. Basically, the thing to take away from this report is that if you live in the greater Detroit area and you have a fire, you better put it out yourself or watch your house burn […]

Ford doing some amazing stuff in Detroit again! Portions of this video were shown previously in the X Games Detroit Bid video.

Neil Sauter is hoping to do approximately 22 miles a day and plans to walk about 400 miles before his journey is done. He’s doing this to raise money for United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan — and it sounds like he’s raising a lot! Cool!