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Japanese artist Shinichi Maruyama, who writes in the air with black paint and water, has posted this stunning slow motion video of water suspended in mid-air.

Developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, this Robo-Air Jet System can control spherical objects in air by shooting compressed air at the object which then creates a low-pressure area around it that traps it in place. The object, in this case a ping pong ball, can then be manipulated at short distances without […]

The European Tour ups the ante in this new spot for their Every Shot Imaginable campaign. This time, a group of pro golfers has to hit a clay pigeon in mid-air using a golf ball. If you missed the last video, see it below where they have to hit a gong that’s across a river […]


Photo: Robert M. Palmer (Click to enlarge) Pierre posted a very stunning photo by Robert M. Palmer of a bald eagle catching mid-air prey and that got me thinking of what other photos like this Rob might have taken. It turns out he’s taken a lot.