Look at this Pianocade! It’s a MIDI synthesizer made to look and operate like an arcade box. Different button combinations change the octave, pitch, and wavelength of the notes. You can pre-order it right now!

Beat Bricks – A LEGO Step Sequencer from superquadratic on Vimeo. Video description has the details. I don’t understand them so I won’t post it here. I just liked the video.

Beatsurfing – The Organic MIDI Controller Builder – Official Teaser from Vlek Data on Vimeo. VLEK has released this iPad app called Beatsurfing that essentially allows you to map any MIDI controller to it and use it as a trigger.

Not for the faint of heart or stomach, here is artist Lu Yang’s nasty “art” piece consisting of dissected frogs being controlled by a MIDI board. Electrodes are connected to each frog’s body which forces the frogs to twitch on beat. [via]