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I BEAT MIKE TYSON – (FULL FILM) from Joshua Z Weinstein on Vimeo. Joshua Z. Weinstein directed this short film about a relatively unknown man named Kevin McBride who has the historical reputation of beating Mike Tyson in a boxing match. He won that fight and essentially disappeared from the spotlight only to pop up […]

1-2-1 w/jeffstaple feat. Mike Tyson (Ep 2) from jeffstaple on Vimeo. Part 1 is here in case you missed it.

1-2-1 w/jeffstaple feat. Mike Tyson (Ep 1) from jeffstaple on Vimeo. “You can hear a mouse piss on cotton.” – Mike Tyson In the last few years, Mike Tyson has really turned his career around. With several movie cameos and now a Broadway show under his belt, he’s surely come a long way from his […]

Herman Cain’s Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson “I’m gonna wear a flag pin the size of a fat baby’s head!” CAIN!

Just Dave created an entire song out of Mike Tyson quotes. And then he made a lyric music video for it. Download the song here! [via]