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I am so thankful for people like this. I was honestly very confused as to how Egypt got itself into the situation it is in now. But after watching this, it’s all a bit more clear.

I’ve posted some of these coming home videos before, but it never hurts to revisit them. So moving to see members of our military come home to their families in a very public way. This video will make you cry.


So I just learned that in 1980, the US Defense Department tried to outfit a C-130 cargo airplane with rockets so that it could be used in rescue missions (specifically in Iran). The purpose of the rockets were to allow the plane to take off and land in about 300-400 feet of runway instead of […]


U.S. Military Surplus wool blankets are fire retardants also? I didn’t know that. That’s kind of cool, but I can’t imagine what the initial smell must be like.

Lower your volume for this one, but please watch as this family gets reunited with their military father (and husband) at this weekend’s Georgia-South Carolina game. [via]