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This is a bit like the autopen machine used by President Obama except that this version shown here is a lot more precise and complicated. It can mimic brush strokes, pressure, and angle just as a human hand would when writing Japanese calligraphy.

As voted by UK TV audience, this clip above of the amazing Lyrebird in Australia is the public’s favorite clip from David Attenborough’s animal documentaries. The Lyrebird can mimic just about any sound in its environment — from other bird mating calls, to car alarms, to cameras, and even the sound of chainsaws cutting down […]

DJ Kid Koala does this amazing live mix where he manipulates the speed of a record that’s playing to mimic the sound of a trumpet. If you close your eyes, it seriously sounds like somebody playing the trumpet. I can only assume that it took Kid Koala a very long time to perfect this. Thanks […]