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Michelle Wang of Brooklyn, NY has designed this very minimal product packaging for a single GE lightbulb. Using a single sheet of recycled cardboard cleverly folded so it holds together with no glue, Michelle has created what is essentially the most basic product housing with the least amount of bulk. A great way to present […]


I’ve been meaning to write about this simple app for a while, but I’ve been backed up with traveling (not a bad thing I suppose). Anyway, Minimalist Timer is exactly as its name suggests. One giant knob is all you need. No fancy buttons or options. I’ve been using this to cook lately and it’s […]


I love this list that SwissMiss put together after asking her readers/followers if they have any links to minimal WordPress themes.

Studio WG3 has created a type of pre-fab house that is small, light, and that can be installed in just about any location you choose. The house is small and is really meant for temporary housing when big events call for more available units instead of larger hotels being built. MAKING OF / HYPERCUBUS from […]


If you’re a power user of Google Reader — meaning, you can navigate your way around all your feeds using only keyboard shortcuts — then you might find Helvetireader very pleasing to look at and easy to use. Helvetireader is a minimal interface theme for Google Reader that is easy to implement if you’ve got […]