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Wait, are we serious with this “glowing suit”? Is the glowing part of it really so that fellow astronauts can differentiate between friend and foe on the surface of Mars? Apparently, NASA thinks its necessary and this Z-2 space suit just got picked as the winning apparel for future missions to Mars. I still prefer […]


Look at what I just found! Did you know that the Johnson Space Center (JSC) scanned every roll of Hasselblad camera film shot on every Apollo mission? Yep! And it’s all available to view for free in glorious hi-res! Navigation is a bit tough to tackle, but once you get it, you get to see […]


I really love this CASIS Mission Patch made by Shepard Fairey and commissioned by Fiction. For this patch, Shepard Fairey simplified the look of the International Space Station with a bright green, blue, and white color scheme. To show it off, Fiction unveiled this project at Engadget Expand this past weekend.

For the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying One World One Ocean’s videos on Mission Aquarius, the global effort to save the Aquarius Reef Base in Florida due to lack of funding. The videos have been amazing and I really hope you will help in supporting this reef base for years to come. It’ll be […]


The Rumpus just featured some of Wendy MacNaughton’s wonderful color illustrations of 6th and Mission in San Francisco. The portraits are amazing and so are the descriptions.

Mike Giant of Rebel8 and Georgia Howard of PrettyPrettyCollective are creating a hand-drawn map of the Mission District in San Francisco. In the video above, Mike talks about the process and reasoning behind creating the map and how he hopes it will help people get to know The Mission in the future. Watch closely and […]