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PBS Digital Studios puts out another remix of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. This one is called “Sing Together”.

Celebrate the life of Mister Rogers today! This man was a huge part of my childhood growing up and he still stands as one of the best personalities to ever grace television. Humble, smart, simple, and compassionate, there are few like him on TV.

I had no idea they replaced Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood re-runs on PBS with a new show called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The two shows are similar, even down to the theme song, but nothing can ever replace good ‘ol Mister Rogers and his sweaters. Here is Mrs. Rogers (Joanne Rogers) talking about the new legacy of Mister Rogers’ […]

Tomorrow is Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day, a day to remember the legacy of Mister Rogers and his profound effect on public television, learning, and childhood development. This video here shows the original footage used in the “Garden Of Your Mind” remix released last Summer.