Tag: MIT

This robotic cheetah can run at about 10MPH and also jump pretty darn high. Pretty cool. When will they make this as a house pet?

Patrick McCabe, a student at MIT, created this awesome Connect Four game for the lonely bachelor/bachelorette. Play Connect Four with a robot!

This is like something out of X-Men. That was the movie right? Where the character was laying down on some weird metal chair that could transform? The table is made by MIT’s Tangible Media Group.

Clip HIRIKO from HIRIKO Driving Mobility on Vimeo. Check out this video of the Hiriko, a compactable folding car developed by MIT’s Changing Places Group and DENOKINN. When folded in, it can do a complete 360 turn in place and apparently it can go about 75 miles on a single charge with its all-electric engine.