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MIT student Charles Guan has created a mini go-kart called Chibikart that is basically like a real-life version of a Mario Kart vehicle. According to Charles, the entire project cost about $1750 to make and with some electrical knowledge, you too can build one. Yeah, ok!

I don’t understand a thing that’s going on in this video, but MIT has a camera in their labs that can film at 1 trillion frames per second — fast enough to capture light waves apparently. Go figure. Watch the pretty video above. Here’s a video from MIT explaining how this camera works.


Personas is a fun project created by Aaron Zinman (along with the Social Media Group at MIT) that allows you to see how the internet views your particular name/alias (in this case, I entered “Doobybrain” and “Herman Yung” separately). Personas scours the internet for information about your name — regardless of whether or not it’s […]

Students at MIT have engineered and built a prototype of a washing machine they believe to have significant impact in slums and other poor places around the world that have no easy access to water. The washing machine is built out of a standard drum barrel (shortened) and the rotating inner drum is made from […]