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YouTube musical genius Andrew Huang took 50 YouTube submissions from his channel and created this amazing song called “We Go Together“.

Look at this! When you open a can of nuts in space, they are just floating around inside! Everything in space is better — even eating nuts!

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Today is Wednesday, and if you’re a fan of Coudal’s products, you’re in for a great surprise becayse any purchase (no minimum) at their online store today will get you a Field Notes Mixed 3-Pack for free! No coupons required. Just make a purchase and you’ll get the free goods! SHOP NOW.

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Now this is weird. BoxVox has come across this odd bottle deformity that’s half Coca-Cola bottle and half Pepsi bottle. The person who bought this off of eBay says that it could have possibly been a sample to show off the bottling factory’s manufacturing capabilities. Either way, this is a nice collector’s item even if […]


Well, I guess it doesn’t matter much now, but it turns out that the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore only includes one full Italian! Who is it? It’s Vinny Guadagnino from Staten Island! So just how Italian is the rest of the cast? As FashionIndie breaks it down: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (NY) is half Chilean […]