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Gawker posted this video of a new documentary called Church Fight that looks at the subculture in Christian circles of Christian Mixed Martial Arts Fighting.

A kid named Steven (Stephen?) was told he wasn’t flexible enough in an MMA class and so he decided to start taking gymnastics classes. He doesn’t seem to like it very much.

Profoto Fight Night from S1 Group on Vimeo. Profoto shows off their incredibly fast strobe refresh times on their new Profoto Pro-8a packs by inviting two professional MMA fighters to S1 Studios in Toronto, Canada and photographing them while they fight. The packs are able to recycle at an astonishing 8-10 frames per second so […]

I’m told Genki Sudo is a pretty flamboyant MMA fighter who just so happens to be the lead in this Japanese pop band too. For this music video, Genki and his band mates act out various slow-motion movements in the real-world and make it look amazing in real-time. It’s definitely one of the cooler videos […]