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I never understood people obsessed with eating one particular color of M&M’s (or Skittles), but I guess if Mariah Carey were around, this machine would make somebody’s life easier.

This is an incredible story told by David Lee Roth about the reason why brown M&M’s were banned backstage during their tours. It turns out that the reason was to make sure promoters were reading through the entire contract so that there would be no hiccups and accidents during the show. If a brown M&M […]

FastMac unveiled this awesome laptop sleeve called the Impact Sleeve at MacWorld Expo 2010 made of soybean oil that will protect even M&M’s from being smashed with a hammer. The demonstration video above from WIRED is quite spectacular and it’s a big surprise to know that this sleeve will only be $30 when it comes […]


This thing is big and orange and it’s mine! MY MOM GAVE IT TO ME. This can fill a lot of tea or coffee, saving me trips to the kitchen!