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Maybe this isn’t Bill Gates’ original idea, but he’s the only big-name celebrity I hear touting the idea around and that seems quite good. He’s basically saying that one of the major revolutions to create change in poor people’s lives in the near future will be mobile banking and the control of digital assets without […]

Spend $10 on this card reader from Amazon and be on your merry way to accepting credit card payments for anything you want! The fee? A super-small 1.75% on every transaction — much less than the competition.


I like this a lot. The Slate Mobile AirDesk is a specifically designed bamboo surface that lets you work with your laptop, mouse, and iPhone in a manner that won’t cause severe burns to your thighs or a complete jumbled mess of your electronics. The idea caught on heavily from Kickstarter and now the AirDesk […]

Neat video showing how Pizza Moto makes their ovens and then puts them on mobile vehicles to serve pizza around the city!

So cool. I want to see this in person. And guess what, these guys were inspired to create this LED project because of Japanese Dekotora trucks.