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This is footage of the 2011 Birds of a Feather mural painted on the side of the MoCA in Los Angeles for the amazing exhibit Art In The Streets. To this day, Art In The Streets still holds the place in my head as the absolute best art exhibit I’ve ever been to. It was […]

I still want to visit this place. I’ll give it a year or so for the heat to cool down (it might already have), and then I’ll go tunnel exploring.

Presented at the Art In The Streets exhibit at the MOCA, this is C. R. Stecyk III’s take on the history of graffiti alongside skateboarding and California culture.

Here is Henry Chalfant’s portion of the MOCAtv series Classic Street Art. This portion concentrates on the positive influence of graffiti and hip hop in the urban ghetto where graffiti flourished.

MOCAtv is uploading a 3-part video series directed by Craig Stecyk, David Em, and Henry Chalfant that documents graffiti history in both LA and NYC. This is the intro to that series.