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Remember when Woody and Buzz Lightyear terrorized the city in GTA IV? Well, here’s Woody at it again.

Mike Mika of Oakland, California has a 3 year old daughter that loves playing video games. When she asked if she could play as the girl in Donkey Kong, Mike initially said no, but then went ahead and modded the game to suit her wish. This is the result. My three year old daughter and […]

This is my favorite GTA mod so far. Right up there with the Delorean mod. The sheer absurdity of watching Woody and his army of Buzz Lightyears run amok in Times Square while spitting Street Fighter lines is just so amazingly funny.

Back To The Future DeLorean mod for GTA IV

I was just trying to find this video on Doobybrain but I couldn’t, so I’m posting it here now, even though I am almost certain that I’ve posted it before.

Keith Charvonia’s 1951 Kaiser Drag’n

Wow. Check out the level of detail in this custom Kaiser mod by designer Keith Charvonia. It features almost all original Kaiser ornamental elements with a completely new and awesome paint job by legendary car painter Gene Winfield. Looks amazing considering its former state. Check out the video.