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Gizmodo just posted this video of the iStruct, an ape-like robot that for now is a little slow but shows definite signs of real ape-like abilities such as climbing, running, and chasing you. The robot is developed by the DFKI (the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) and has a head that actually looks like an ape.

Shave it from 3DAR on Vimeo.

Here’s a wonderfully animated (and colorful!) animated short from 3dar Studios about a monkey who leaves the forest for the human world by shaving his hair off. His journey comes full circle when he bulldozes the city like the humans did to his forest home years earlier.

Two PSAs from MAKE about quitting smoking. [via]

The Daily What posted this incredible video of a monkey and his friend who had observed a man washing dishes for a few days at a monkey sanctuary. Then, a few days later, the monkey picked up the task like it was 2nd nature.