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Earlier today I posted a sketch of a proposed plan for a suspended monorail system in LA. It was never built and I wondered at the time of the post if this was even possible. And sure enough, a reader chimes in with proof that it is. Here’s a photo of the Wuppertal Floating Tram […]


From the same source as that 1925 proposed Subway map for LA comes this sketch of a proposed plan for a suspended monorail for Los Angeles. This would have been incredible both as a visual element to the city and as a means of transportation. I’ve never seen a suspended monorail before (is this possible […]

Bless this driver of the Disney World monorail for not running over this poor lost squirrel who happened to make its way onto the monorail track. The little animal forced people to wait for 45 minutes between stops. Must’ve been scared for his life, but alas, there he goes free.