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Such an interesting subculture. And check this out, these guys see their bike activities as a way out of suburban life. Not into it.

I, for one, very much love this change to the traditional “beep beep” of a moped horn. I want to install an airhorn on my car but I hear I need a compressed air tank installed too. I don’t want that part. [via]


Yann Gross took a roadtrip by moped into the Rhone Valley in Switzerland and came out with photos that are peculiar, NSFW, and very beautiful. She calls it Horizonville. I’d love to go there someday. It reminds me a lot of rural American communities. [via]


See those potted plant helmets above? It’s all part of an art tribute to the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta. Sara Nuytemans and Arya Pandjalu’s Treebute to Yogya is fun, distracting, and definitely not going to save your life if you get into an accident.

I really like this video from Incase showing off their rugged iPhone case off the back of a moped. [via]