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British design firm Seymourpowell has come up with a rather clever way to offer airlines and passengers flexibility in airplane seating while still providing comfort. The idea is brought to us by Morph, a new seat that incorporates a stretched fabric over all 3 seats that can be adjusted using the armrests.

Anthony Cerniello created this video of an Asian girl slowly turning into a woman to demonstrate the feeling of watching age progress even though you can’t really see it. It’s not exactly a time-lapse but rather a super-smooth morphing of still images.

lilfuchs created this awesome video of Chinese Zodiac characters morphing into each other. Watch it!

Micaël Reynaud made this one too! Check out The King of Legoland if you missed his previous feature on this site.

For every letter in the alphabet, Alessandro Novelli has picked a typeface that starts with the corresponding letter and animated each letter’s morph into the next.