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I just randomly stumbled upon this video of a giant engine getting started. LOOK AT THAT THING.

“This video shows an operational cutaway of a BMW S1000RR — a 193HP superbike — bumping against its 14,200RPM redline. A cam and valvetrain at 118 cycles per second is an amazing sight.” This is so awesome! I’ve always wanted to see what this looks like.

Birds Eye Productions 2012 Show Reel (Darren Edit) from Birds Eye Productions on Vimeo. Gizmodo shared this video from Birds Eye Productions showcasing their aerial motion photography taken with an 8-motor rotocopter. Impressive maneuverability and stability.

Canon’s 40mm EF f/2.8 STM Lens is officially out and now available, but there’s one thing you should take note of if you’re going to use it film a lot of video. Regardless of whether you’re using autofocus during video or manually turning the focus ring, this lens emits a pretty loud motor sound during […]


Similar to Rebel Bikes, Imperial Cycles takes ordinary looking bicycles and customizes them with motors for a faster ride. Sick custom builds too!