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Already passed its funding, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support! If you always wanted a motorcycle but didn’t want the bulk, then the Local Motors Cruiser is for you! It’s designed by Ianis Vasilatos and they’re taking pre-orders now for just $3499 each.

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I’m really interested in building this. But I’m not at all thrilled with the $300 price tag.

Reader Dan Brown sends over this video of the e-glide motorized skateboard. It’s an aluminum skateboard deck with big wheels to go over pretty rough terrain (or grass) and it’s powered by a wired/wireless controller. Goes quite fast too.


Similar to Rebel Bikes, Imperial Cycles takes ordinary looking bicycles and customizes them with motors for a faster ride. Sick custom builds too!

Out of a small homemade operation out of Oakland, CA comes Brian Simmons’ project of converting regular bicycles into motorized vehicles of transportation. His company is called Rebel Bikes and he’s sold about 100 of these custom bicycles to buyers as an alternative mode of transportation compared to a bicycle, a car, and a motorcycle. […]