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I’ve never seen this GoPro Swivel Mount used before. But this is a great way to make use of it by filming the HALO X LED BELT.


This is amazing. Somebody on eBay is selling a really detailed Walter White/Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) wall-mounted head for $700 (Buy It Now). It is the only one made of its kind and comes complete with 2 bags of the famous blue stuff (clarification: not the real real stuff, obviously).

Have you seen this thing?! A dual-camera swivel mount for GoPro cameras to mount onto your helmet.


This is neat. Paul Component Engineering sells a GoPro mount for a bike that mounts to the stem/steering tube. It comes in black, silver, and orange for $49.

He does it by just riding straight up! Coud be a fake video, but who knows. I’m almost sure anybody who tries this will either have a dented hood, a cracked windshield, both, or just a plain nasty spill over the side of the car.