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$299 gets you this gorgeous wall bike hanger known as the “Elk”. It’s made of oak wood and it sticks out without sticking out (if you know what I mean).


I’m posting this for myself to remind myself that RAM makes a GoPro mount for bikes and cars. Why did I ever buy the GoPro car mount? These RAM mounts are superior in every way. If you forgot, Doobybrain.com fully endorses the RAM car mount.

I really want to love this Kickstarter project, but what is the point of weather sealing the mount area if the lens barrel itself on a zoom lens is not sealed?


As I posted the other day, Wirecutter highly recommends this RAM suction car mount with Universal X-Grip. Mine came in the other day and I have to agree, this is definitely THE BEST car mount I’ve ever used or even touched. The entire thing is impeccably built, with solid aluminum construction (while most other mounts […]