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This is the TILT and unfortunately it’s currently sold out. But no matter, I will still write about it like it’s in stock. Back in 2011, this project raised a whopping $22,000 on Kickstarter — way above its intended $8000 mark — and turned the MacBook Pro cooling stand industry on its head. The TILT […]


I normally shoot with one prime lens so I don’t personally find a need for this, but I know a lot of fellow photographers who would. The QUICKDRAW is a belt mounted lens attachment system that keeps your lenses at bay without having to carry around a backpack or an assistant. The Kickstarter project aims […]


I didn’t fully believe it until I tested it, but this GoPro Suction Cup Mount is insanely strong. I can literally lift my desk and everything on it up by this thing. Great!

Is TomTom living in their own dream world? How can they expect to sell a hands-free car mount that costs $125? And also to have this become obsolete as soon as the next iPhone comes out? So puzzling…