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I just finished reading this fascinating article from The Smithsonian about a Russian family of 5 who, due to persecution from an Atheist government at the time, retreated into the Taiga Mountains and remained there for over 40 years. They had no connection with civilization and they lived through the cold dead winters and years […]

Stop what you’re doing and play this video made by Paul Zizka and  Doug Urquhart of The Upthink Lab. It’s a time-lapse video filmed in the Canadian Rockies and it’s probably one of the most amazing time-lapse videos of the mountains I’ve seen lately.

The Silence from Maciej Puczynski on Vimeo. Maciej Puczyński and Andrzej Ripper are going to spend a year documenting the change in scenery at the Tatra Mountains in Poland. Here’s their first video showing what they have so far. Silent, haunting, and beautiful all at once.


The photos from Adventure Journal of the Tin Hat Cabin are pretty remarkable. The photos include the process showing how it was built too. Beautiful landscape!

External world (1.0) from epokhe on Vimeo. Wherever this is filmed, it’s gorgeous. I want to go here.


Photo: Michael Schnabel PDN posted a couple of Michael Schnabel’s amazing night photos of mountains using only available moonlight. Also, be sure to check out his website. It’s pretty neat.