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YO! This ain’t funny! Those mousetraps will hurt when you take them off!

Really fascinated with this entire YouTube channel known as MousetrapGenius. The entire channel tests mousetraps of all sorts and rates them based on their performance. This trap here is known as the MiceCube and it comes in a 4-pack for only $10. It traps the mouse humanely and keeps them alive for proper removal (in […]

Made with simple household items, this DIY mousetrap traps mice in a large bucket after they attempt to eat peanut butter on a rolling surface. Genius!


Video isn’t embeddable, so click through if you want to see this cheap and homemade mousetrap!


Box Vox posts a interesting patent application diagram that shows how to turn a Mason jar into a clever mousetrap. The trap consists of a modified Mason jar lid with sharp nails pointing inwards. This allows a mouse to go into the jar without getting hurt but prevents the mouse from leaving the jar without […]