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A behind the scenes look at Selle San Marco developing new fenders with Ass Savers.

Here’s another roll-up fender design called Musguard which is still in funding status on Kickstarter. It’s unlike the Plume rain guard because you need to roll it up manually but the Musguard in my opinion looks a little cooler (not to mention it’s attached in a better way). Price: $25.


The Plume is a recoiling mud guard for your bicycle that makes me think of a giant slap bracelet. From the demo video below, it seems to work perfectly over large bumps without accidentally causing the mud guard to recoil back to its rolled-up state. For $35 you can get in on the first run […]

In Colombia, you can go to El Totumo Volcano and sit inside it while workers rub you down with mud and give you massages. THE LIFE!