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How To Download Multiple Memory Cards Simultaneously Into Adobe Lightroom from Dan Carr on Vimeo. Mind blowing how simple and how unknown this trick is. [via]

Wow. Mike Sui does an excellent job here playing 12 different men with different languages and accents, all speaking a bit of Chinese in between. Thanks Teri!

This is quite amazing. Instinct made this interactive advert for IKEA Russia that allows viewers to switch between the views of different people, pets, and objects all seamlessly in the same moment in time. Watch the video above for a demonstration.

Chuck Anderson shared this amazing video of Ross Capicchioni from The Berrics on how he survived multiple shot gun wounds in Detroit. What an incredible story of survival. Part 2 is below.

Check out this video with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talking about mobile devices (specifically the iPhone). What’s interesting to note here, even if you aren’t a tech follower, is that Steve Wozniak admits to regularly carrying at least 2 phones with him. From the interview, he mentions carrying 2 iPhones (one black and one white), […]