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Mister Cartoon is featured in this video talking about his transition from casual street graffiti to pinstriping vehicles which are now on exhibit in galleries (like the MoCA in LA). If you can’t make it to the MoCA to see his work in person, this video should be a good substitute. I love his ice […]


Thanks to a generous donation by the mysterious artist Banksy, the Art In The Streets exhibit at the MoCA will be FREE every Monday until August 8th! GO TAKE A DAY OFF WORK AND SEE THIS!!


I’ve been talking a lot about the Art In The Streets exhibit at the MoCA in California lately, but for those of you who aren’t able to make it, I just wanted to let you know that you can experience it in a slightly different way through the official Art in the Streets book published […]

Looking forward to this exhibit real bad. Here’s the trailer for the film about the MoCA graffiti art exhibition — it’s called OUTSIDE IN and it’s screening at select theaters right now.

Graffiti artists Wisk, Ser, Chubbs and Prime bomb this blank wall inside the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Can’t wait to go see this in person in a few weeks!