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Journey with the Tate Museum to see how their staff restored a vandalized Rothko painting to its original state.


Whoa. How come nobody told me about this? The Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum has digitized approximately 75% of their collection and it’s mostly available for free viewing online. The best thing is that every piece seems to be labeled and categorized really efficiently. Every category, type, and color is linked so browsing can take […]

A group of protesters known as the Global Ultra Luxury Faction (GULF) showered the Guggenheim Museum with red-colored look-alike US currency in an effort to raise awareness of the “museum’s use of indentured servants to build a satellite structure in Abu Dhabi“.

A man named Maximo Caminero was arrested for criminal mischief this weekend after he picked up an Ai Weiwei vase worth approximately $1 million and dropped it to the ground smashing it into many pieces. The act, according to Maximo, was made in defiance against the Perez Art Museum in Miami for not supporting local artists. […]

Next time I’m in Miami, I need to get myself to the Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection.