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This is a fantastic idea. Ecovative Design has developed a way to grow and mold mushrooms to act as a substitute for styrofoam packaging. It protects items just the same as styrofoam with the added benefit of the mushrooms being biodegradable, organic, and compostable. You can of course use them again for packaging other things, but if […]

These are excerpts from a book by Ohara Hale about the life of a slice of pizza. How can I not like this?


For you vegetarians out there, Claire Thomas has posted an amazing collection of recipes just for you! The black bean mushroom veggie burger above is just one of many choices you can make this week in eating well without the meat. Mmm!

New Mumbai from Tobias Revell on Vimeo. Unfortunately, this isn’t a true story but Tobias Revell’s idea of a giant fast-growing mushroom powering an entire building’s worth of electricity sounds like something we all need to get working on!


Dietrich Wegner created this mushroom cloud tree house to totally mess with our minds as we simultaneously grapple with the sensation of one of the most dangerous ideas in existence with one of the safest places a child can ever have. Idea and all aside, isn’t this an awesome visual? I’d love one of these […]