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I’ve been listening to the new MUTEMATH album a lot. It’s pretty damn good. One of the best songs on it is the final track entitled “In No Time”. It’s a slightly slower paced song but it builds up into this magnificent tune that has you only wanting to repeat the track again when it […]

A NYC band called Hey Guy really wants to tour with MUTEMATH and to get their attention, they created this sandwich-filled cover of “Blood Pressure” with slightly modified lyrics asking MUTEMATH to give them some time. Haha, not sure if this will work, but the cover is pretty good either way.


It’s just over a week until MUTEMATH releases their next album Odd Soul onto the masses, but if you search hard, you’ll find that the entire album has already leaked!

MUTEMATH just released the official music video for their single “Blood Pressure”. Watch it above and get dizzy! Looks like the band got a new member…?