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Been reading Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss and one of the things he writes about is how food brands will often make different versions of their core product to fill store shelves. And even if those alternative versions don’t sell as well, it reinforces the brand’s image in our mind, causing an increase in […]

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America’s favorite cookie gets a new theme: Introducing the limited edition Candy Corn Oreo from Nabisco! A bit early for Halloween (candy corn season, right?), but no worries, I bet these taste delicious!


Speaking of Oreo’s 100th birthday, Nabisco has released these limited edition birthday-cake flavored Oreos to celebrate the occasion!!


If you find yourself in a Target and come across some retro-looking packaging for Ritz and Oreo’s, don’t worry, it’s not some old stock that they find in storage somewhere. It’s just Nabisco testing the market for retro-styled product packaging. The Oreo packaging doesn’t really do it for me, but the Ritz Crackers box is […]