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Yo! That colorful glitter nail polish towards the end of the video — I LIKE THAT.

This gives me the creeps like no other. A young woman named Shanyna Isom had an unusual allergic reaction to an asthma medicine which ended up making her body produce skin cells in her hair follicles at 12 times the normal rate. In other words, Shayna was literally growing tiny human nails where her hairs […]


Heh, here’s a very niche blog that posts nothing but burgers being held by [mostly] women with highly decorated fingernails. It’s called Burgers and Nails obviously.

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Photo by Nick Gazin MISHKA featured a couple of photos taken by Nicholas Gazin of various nightlife spots in and around NYC. One of the photos that caught my eye is this one featuring Gillian Harrison’s MISHKA fingernails (you can see a larger version here). That’s so awesome.