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ScoutingNY has stumbled upon the Amazing Store and Smoke Shop on the Upper East Side (70th Street and Columbus Avenue) and has ventured in to show us what one of the narrowest stores looks like in NYC. The store takes up only about 3-4 feet in width and is nestled right between two larger buildings. […]

This is the most amazing video I’ve seen all day. Watch as this charter bus drives right through this narrow rock tunnel in Rapid City, SD like it’s no big deal. Not a scratch! Here’s another view of, I believe, the same bus.


Images by Courtesy of Jakub Szczasny/Centrala NPR has written a post about a writer from Israel named Etgar Keret who may have commissioned the world’s narrowest house. The building which is designed by Centrala is to be nested between two buildings on Chlodna Street and Zelazna Street in Warsaw, Poland and will measure just 4 […]

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See that? That’s the face of death coming straight towards British photographer Andy Willsheer as he stood almost directly in the path of a drag racing car that went out of control. The close call happened at the Pomona Raceway in California and thankfully the photographer was unscathed. But wow, check out the photos that […]


Easier to move in and out of places. Not to mention also that my arms will now be growing in size because of the narrower stance I take. It’s actually a lot more fun to ride now.