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I’ve posted about Salemtown Board Co. briefly before and how this company is doing good in Nashville, TN by helping to raise youth through hard work and responsibility. I really like what they stand for and how they’re doing it all through skating. The company currently has 3 boards available — a longboard, a cruiser, and […]

Remember Third Man Records? It is the recording studio that has an actual coin-operated recording booth that records onto 6″ vinyl. Here’s a tour of the place from The Onion’s A.V. Club. I want to visit this place!


Third Man Records, owned by Jack White, has opened a 1947 Voice-o-Graph machine in their Nashville studio. What is it? It’s the world’s only working recording booth that records onto 6″ vinyl. It is open to the public and runs on custom Third Man Record tokens which you can purchase at their giftshop.


This is all sorts of pretty right here. The Wildsam Field Guides are concise and pocket-sized books that explore the best parts of cities (in this example shown here, Nashville). Right now, Austin and Nashville are available for purchasing each for just $16.95. Wonderful, bold, and simple look. I like it!

In the rain and in the cold (and in the sun too of course), HOT ROD Unlimited takes a topless Deuce Roadster from Nashville, TN to LA and they film the progress the whole way through. This is pretty nuts and doesn’t really look like fun.

The band visits Nashville, one of the most fascinating places in America. I miss it.