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Advertising agency WHYBIN/TBWA, Sydney, Australia created these images of national flags created using stereotypical/common foods from that region. Since I love America, I really am only concerned with how great the US flag turned out. But if you’re curious, you can see the rest of the flags here.


Heh. Clever. Get this in red or blue¬†for $28. What would NYC’s forest look like? Wait, we’d be a jungle, right?

Earlier today, Fox News accidentally broadcast the suicide of a carjacker running from the police despite the news feed being on a 5-second delay. BEWARE: The video above is graphic. UPDATE: The full chase is posted below.

I’m just hearing about this phenomenal film called The First 70 about California’s national parks and the expected closure of some of these parks due to budget cuts. The film takes the viewer to many of these parks with gorgeous video of nature, wildlife, and the people who are helping to make sure these parks […]

This is scary if the uploader is to be believed. According to her, National Elevators (not sure which one, but a company by that name at least) deploys elevators with a mechanical glitch where if you call the elevator UP, and stand in the doorway until you hear the “nudge sound”, and then get in […]


The Fall ’11 National Crew from HUF. I want. Price: $75