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I’ve only ever been in near-total darkness once in my life. That was aboard a yacht boat in the middle of the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Having grown up in city-life most of my life, I found the stillness and utter darkness of the open waters completely terrifying. You literally couldn’t […]

A film called Zero Dark Thirty about the killing of Osama Bin Laden by Navy SEAL Team 6.

WIRED’s Danger Room was able to take a ride and tour of the US Navy’s most advanced and newest fast-attach submarine, the USS Mississippi. Check out this video for a look at all of the gadgetry aboard this underwater vessel!

When I was watching this, I kept thinking about how neat it would be if they just anchored this in the middle of the ocean and let people do whatever the hell they wanted with it. [via]

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ForestBound on Etsy is selling this leather tote made from genuine a WWII-era US Navy sea bag. It is already worn-in since the original bag it was made from is about 60 years old. [via] You know how some bags look like they’ll smell really nice? Yeah, this is one of those I bet. Carry […]